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The state of Texas gives great deference to parents in allowing them to raise and make decisions for their children without state or third party intervention or input. Unfortunately, this leaves little recourse under the law for grandparents who are seeking a relationship with their grandchildren if a parent is not voluntarily willing to maintain that relationship.

However, in certain limited situations, like when a child is in immediate danger with the parent, Texas courts will consider giving custody to a grandparent or other immediate family member to safeguard the child's physical health and emotional well-being. This process can be very complex and requires that procedures are followed very specifically as set forth in the Family Code. Therefore, it is critical in these cases to hire a well-versed and experienced attorney to prepare, file, and argue the case on your behalf.

Additionally, there are also very limited circumstances when a court will consider giving a Grandparent visitation with a child - but again, this requires a very high burden of proof to overcome the presumption in Texas that parents should have the freedom to make decisions for their children without state or third-party interference.


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