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Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new trend in Family Law in which both parties commit to settle all issues outside of the courtroom. The parties retain a Financial Expert to help them with all of their property issues and a Mental Health Professional to address communication and issues surrounding custody and support of the children.

Collaborative Divorce is very different from the traditional divorce process in that the parties work through their divorce together with a team, in a series of meetings, rather than one spouse against the other. It is important to realize that if you begin the divorce process through Collaborative Law and then the negotiation falls apart, both parties must retain new attorneys, because attorneys who participate in the Collaborative process are not ethically permitted to then serve as an attorney in the litigation process.

While not the right fit for every situation, Collaborative Divorce can be a unique and invaluable way to end your marriage in an amicable and respectful manner and avoid unnecessary conflict in the divorce process.


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